Probability & Statistics Group Heidelberg-Mannheim

Kolloquium für Statistik Heidelberg

The statistics colloquium of the University of Heidelberg takes place every thursday in the Mathematikon Heidelberg.

Fall 2019

16.01.2020 Davide La Vecchia (Geneva) Some unexplored connections between measure transportation theory and statistical inference

Spring 2019

18.07.2019 Christian Hirsch (Mannheim) Testing goodness of fit for point processes via topological data analysis
11.07.2019 Johannes Krebs (Heidelberg) Advances on the asymptotic normality of Betti numbers
04.07.2019 Rainer von Sachs (UCLouvain) Intrinsic wavelet smoothing of curves and surfaces of Hermitian positive definite matrices
23.05.2019 Hervé Cardot (Université de Bourgogne) Online Robust Principal Components Analysis in Hilbert Spaces
16.05.2019 Suhasini Subba Rau (Texas A&M) Feature estimation and testing for linear regression with time series regressors

Fall 2018

17.01.2019 Michael Kohler (Darmstadt) Statistical theory for deep neural networks
22.11.2018 Ndaoud Mohamed (CREST) Interplay of minimax estimation and minimax support recovery under sparsity
18.10.2018 Wolfgang Polonik (Davis) Limit theorems for random Betti numbers

Spring 2018

19.07.2018 Ester Mariucci (Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg) Wasserstein and total variation distance for Lévy processes
21.06.2018 Céline Duval (Université Paris Descartes) Nonparametric adaptive estimator for grouped data and some generalizations

Spring 2017

17.05.2017 Richard Nickl (Cambridge) Optimal statistical inference for non-linear inverse problems: The hard-working frequentist
27.04.2017 Alexey Onatskiy (Cambridge) Alternative asymptotics for cointegration tests in large VARs

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title
02.02.2017 Siegfried Hörmann (Brüssel) Detection of periodicity in functional time series
19.01.2017 Alexander Aue (Davis) Spectral analysis of high-dimensional time series with applications to estimating the mean-variance frontier
17.11.2016 Sandra Schluttenhofer (Heidelberg) Nonparametric regression estimation in a nonstationary framework
10.11.2016 Lionel Truquet (Ensai) Local stationarity and time inhomogeneous Markov chains
03.11.2016   ***HeiKaMEtrics workshop***
27.10.2016 Thomas Schuster (Saarbrücken) Solving nonlinear inverse problems by sequential subspace optimization with an application to terahertz tomography
20.10.2016 Wolfgang Polonik (Davis) Nonparametric Confidence Regions for Level Sets

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title
23.07.2016 Anne van Delf (Maastricht) Locally stationary functional time series
21.07.2016 Jürgen Franke (Kaiserslautern) Sudden Changes in the Structure of Time Series
07.07.2016 Fabienne Comte (Paris) Laplace deconvolution (and its application to Dynamic Contrast Enhanced imaging
05.07.2016 Mark Podolski (Aarhus) Edgeworth expansion for Euler approximation of continuous diffusion processes
05.07.2016 Bartek Knapik (Amsterdam) Bayesian asymptotics and nonparametric inverse problems
23.05.2016 Stefan Superrich (Genève) Semi-mixed effects models: what they are and where they are good for
21.04.2016 Martin Spindler (MEA) L_2 Boosting in High-Dimensions: Rate Convergence
21.04.2016 Dietrich Werner Müller (Heidelberg) Die Likelihood-Idee: eine Neubewertung
18.02.2016 Boaz Nadler (Weizmann Institute) Unsupervised Ensemble Learning

Fall 2015

19.11.2015 Anna Simoni (Paris) Gaussian processes and Bayesian moment estimation
12.11.2015 Angelina Roche (Paris) Adaptive estimation of the conditional law given a functional covariates
05.11.2015 Jan Johannes (Heidelberg) Statistics of Inverse Problems: Motivations, methods and theory
22.10.2015 Wolfgang Polonik (Davis) Multiscale Shape Extrction: Between Depth and Density
15.10.2015 Christian Weiß (Hamburg) An Introduction to Categorical Time Series Analysis

Spring 2015

16.07.2015 Harrison Huibin Zhou (Yale) Community Detection: Minimaxity and Computational Algorithms
18.06.2015 Joseph Tadjuidje Kamgaing (Kaiserslautern) On the use of estimating functions in monitoring time series for change points
17.06.2015 Giovanni Motta (New York) Local Polynomials for time-varying correlations: adaptivity versus positivity
05.05.2015 Peter M. Robinson (London) Semiparametric estimation with nonparametric regression and long memory
23.04.2015 Valentin Konakov (Moscow) Random Flights and Parametrix Method

Fall 2014

04.12.2014 Guang Cheng (Purdue) Nonparametric Bernstein-von Mises Phenomenon: A Tuning Prior Perspective
13.11.2014 Wolfgang Polonik (Davis) Multivariate switching relations and asymptotic distributions of order restricted NPMLEs
23.09.2014 Axel Bücher (Bochum) Extreme value copula estimation based on block maxima of a multivariate stationary time series