Statistical Modeling of Complex Systems and Processes

Team of supervisors

Each doctoral student of the training programme is assigned to at least two supervisors. In general,
one supervisor is from Heidelberg and the other one from Mannheim. The supervisors are members
of the consortium of the RTG, and are chosen by the consortium in agreement with the doctoral
student. The mentors of a doctoral researcher decide together with the student on the courses in which the student participates. The choice of the courses does not only depend on the research topic of the thesis. It also serves the aim to have a common scientific knowledge base among the students. Each doctoral researcher presents his/her research results at least once per year in the student seminar and in the annual RTG workshop.

Doctoral students and postdoc

The normal line of admittance are students with a master or diploma degree who apply for
the programme. Applicants should have a strong record in probability theory and mathematical statistics. In addition the candidates should have good programming skills. Exceptionally, students from other fields than mathematics can be admitted if their research has a strong mathematical focus and if this is in accordance with the requirements for doctoral students at the universities in Heidelberg or in Mannheim. Admittance to the RTG is decided after a job interview by the scientific committee. Selection criteria are the excellence of the master thesis, grades, mathematical talent and own initiative.
Postdoctoral researchers are selected after an international hiring process by the scientific
committee. They should have written an excellent innovative PhD thesis and their research
should have potential for further development. Their research should be linked to the
topics of RTG and the candidate should agree to play an essential role in the scientific life of
the RTG. Furthermore, special attempts will be made to attract female doctoral and postdoctoral researchers

Research Students

Research students usually have one mentor. The mentors of the research students help them to organize their Master study to have a smooth transition into the doctorate research. Typically, the mentor will act as advisor of the Master thesis.