Probability & Statistics Group Heidelberg-Mannheim

"PhD... and then?" - Part 2

This is the second RTG networking & mentoring workshop for women in mathematics. Students of the RTG meet other female PhD students from other groups within Mathematics at the universities of Mannheim and Heidelberg, exchange ideas and thoughts in a relaxed atmosphere and learn from our invited guests and experts.


Thursday from 15.00: Casual come together with finger food and drinks at Marsilius-Kolleg Heidelberg. We have invited Dr. Stiene Riemer (consultant at Boston Consulting Group) and Dr. Leonie Selk (postdoctoral fellow at Hamburg University) as mentors to give advice and to share their experience from academia and the world beyond.

Friday: Seminar modules "Plan your career - planning the postdoctoral phase" at Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (IWH):

9.00 Seminar of Michael Müller and Romina Schneider "How to negotiate salary": Identifying your individual strengths & weaknesses and concrete advice on negotiations of the starting salary (including exercises)
13.00 Lunch (at IWH)
14.30 Keynote speech "How to start a startup" by Helia Schönthaler from Heidelberg Startup Partners e.V.
16.00 Short evaluation and conclusion of the workshop

Practical Information

The workshop takes place on 29th-30th of September 2016. 29th in Marsilius-Kolleg Heidelberg, 30th at Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (IWH)


Claudia Strauch (Heidelberg)