Statistical Modeling of Complex Systems and Processes

Training Program

The qualification programme of the research training group consists of

  • courses in mathematical statistics, applied probability, and finance
  • block courses on special topics
  • workshops in Heidelberg and Mannheim
  • reading/working groups
  • a student seminar
  • research seminars in Heidelberg and Mannheim
  • skills training in cooperation with other research training groups in Heidelberg and Mannheim
  • visits of external workshops and conferences

Weekly research seminars

On a weekly basis we offer two seminars:

In the seminars invited guests present research and our PhD-students and postdocs can present their research results. 

Biweekly meeting

Every two weeks there is a joint research afternoon alternating between Heidelberg and Mannheim. 

Typically there is an invited talk, a research talk of a PhD student and additionally either a mini-workshop or a special topic lecture chosen by the group of PhD students. Many talks within the seminar have an interdisciplinary focus.

PhD seminars

An important focus of PhD education is the art of giving research talks. To improve the quality the training program offers workshops to improve the presentations and the use of English language. Most importantly, PhD students have regular occasions to give talks themselves.